After my short trip to Milan a few weeks ago, I am still crazy about lasagna, pasta, risotto, antipasti and all those delicious treats. This was my first trip to Italy and I’ve never had eaten better Italian food anywhere else before. You probably see that I am over excited. Well, yes I am! And next year I am going back there again…maybe somewhere in Tuscany. I have seen far too many beautiful pictures of its landscape and food! So,… Read more »

  I don’t know why I have been waiting for so long to post this recipe. Mushroom bacon is certainly one of my all time favourite food and I use it in so many dishes because it’s just going so well with almost everything. You can of course eat it as a snack or appetiser too. It’s crispy, smoky and savoury. You’re gonna feel like you are indulging but actually you are not! Great, isn’t it? Now that it’s getting colder,… Read more »