With such hot weather outside these days, I have been making a whole lot of icy cold drink at home. I think I can hear you say “Me too!”. Well, what kind of drinks do you like for summer?   One of my favorites is this fabulous lime+mint-flavor-drink called Da Chanh. I was introduced to this amazing beverage at a Vietnamese restaurant near my place and it suddenly became my regular drink there since the last two years.     This… Read more »

  Fried rice is one of my regular week-day-menu because it is very easy to cook and doesn’t take much time. You can actually add your favorite kinds of vegetable, proteins and adjust the taste the way you like. It’s a very flexible dish indeed.     Today I want to give my fried rice a twist! You know Thai-style sukiyaki sauce? It is a kind of thick sauce with light red-orange color and can be found in almost every… Read more »