Hi! How was your Christmas holiday? I spent last week at my fiance’s parents’ and didn’t have a single chance to be the chef in the kitchen :) Anyway, I have been eating lots of delicious traditional holiday food, including Rotkohl (sour red cabbage), Stollen (Christmas cake) and far too many homemade cookies! While other family members were having turkey on Christmas Eve, I was having roasted mixed mushrooms seasoned with smoked Tabasco sauce and herbal salt. The taste couldn’t be better and… Read more »

  I made this dish last week for dinner. It’s very easy and fast. When I come home hungry and don’t have much time, I always go for stir-fry. Everyday consumption may not be good, but when you make it yourself from time to time at home, you can avoid adding too much oil. This way, your stir-fried noodle won’t become too greasy like many of those from take-outs. Besides, you can add many more of your favorite ingredients and… Read more »